Exploration plastique - résineExploration Sculpture en résine - Sur le thème de la mémoireFlowered poetry Sculpture Cage à oiseaux- Sur le thème de la mémoireMemory Perles de verre artisanalesGlass Affiche - Promotioin d'une exposition d'artsPoster Carnets de voyages sur les PhilippinesTravel diary Esquisses et roughsRendering Photo-montage sur un thème de science-fictionScience fiction Sculpture sur un thème de science-fictionScience fiction
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Abstract landscape Flowered poetry Bird cage Glass sculpture Poster for SLAO association exhibition Travel diary from Philippines Sketches & rendering Technological nature - Photomontage Technological nature - Sculpture
Exploration. Innovation requires an exploring mind. That is why aside from working as a designer, I like to develop my creativity by making visual projects and exploring the possibilities of materials. Material stories. Poems have been frozen in time and reshaped as flower petals. A bunch of poetry, of souvenirs that catches the eye and imagination of spectators. Exhibition 2010 - Château de l'Etang. Material stories. Poems fly away as a bird, metaphor of the memory that is lost trhough time, or trapped in our head, as a bird in a cage. With immersive sound background. Exhibition 2012 - Château de l'Etang. Glass stories. Handcrafted beads from melt down Murano glass. Abstract landscapes and microcosm. Graphic stories. These posters have been designed to foster a painting and sculpture exhibition of the artistic association SLAO, Loiret. Topic of the year 2011 was the Black Series. Travel stories. A year of life in the Philippines is called back with pictures, writings and sketches. Here is a page of the colourful parade of The Sinulog festival 2013, Cebu, that commemorates a religious event. Stories of objects. Sketches and rendering of industrial objects that came across me for a shared time, a symbol, a clever design... Science fiction story. By inventing tehnologies, modifying cells and draining natural resources, are Humans creating a world they will no longer control? Photomontage showing the evolution to a technological world. Science fiction story. Little by little, nature is being replaced by technological substitute : a metal tree with mechanical flowers moving and making a clicking sound. Specimen for research.